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About Time Italian Greyhound's Testimonials & Placed IGs

Karma & Lexi, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppies!
"Since Karma & Lexi, my two beautiful little girls, came into my life and I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for these gifts. The first night I came across your site I could tell how much you really cared about every one of your pups and the concern you had for their life in a new home. I cannot thank you enough for what you have brought into my life with these beautiful, healthy puppies, Karma & Lexi. The joy has truly returned. Again, thank-you Laura for all you’ve done." [...more]
Linda C. -FL
DejaBlue, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Laura, I don't consider you just my dog's Breeder, but also my friend. You couldn't have been more helpful and considerate. And, because I have several friends who have also gotten their puppies from you, I know you are this way with everyone! Thank you, once again, for sending me another perfect About Time puppy for my family." [...more]
Linda C. -FL
Stella, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"I guess it's true, IG's are like potato can't stop at one. Stella has added the final touch to our pack of About Time girls. Karma, Lexi and Deja just love her. Thank you once again, Laura, for being such a wonderful breeder and caring as much as you do about all your dogs and treating each and every one like the precious being they are." [...more]
Linda & Nina C. -FL
Zoey, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Hi Laura, We have to stop meeting like this! Seriously, we are all so in love with Zoey, our new baby girl. She is just a joy. She is all attitude packed into a perfect little body. From day one, she fit into the "pack" like a missing piece of a puzzle. So, thank you once again for breeding such beautiful, well socialized pups. And, as always, you are a wonderful, caring Breeder..." [...more]
Linda C. -FL
Fin, About Time IG Puppy!
"OH I could go on and on about how much joy you have brought into my life with Fin! Much Love to you, Richard, and your Family (both two legged and four!) - and thank you, so much ... for being the wonderful person you are, and keep sharing your dogs with others, for you have filled so many hearts with joy and laughter, and we sure need more of that in this world!" [...more]
Shaana P. -FL
Draco & Newme, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppies in Verona Italy!
"Dear Laura, our puppies are wonderful, sweet and exuberant :) we are already in love with them! Thank you so much for our wonderful puppies; you really bred beautiful, playful and healthy dogs. Our babies are wonderful and really playful. You are right, they are unique in Italy and they are gaining a lot of fans when we walk around with them in Verona. We are showing Italy that not only solid colours are right for IGs. Everybody is enthusiastic about our "small cows"!" [...more]
Osvaldo & Pamela ~ Verona Italy
Guiseppe, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy in Switzerland!
"Guiseppe is doing great! I think it only took him about an hour to adjust to Pete & I and his new home in Switzerland. I can't imagine a time when he wasn't in our lives. He has the funniest personality- completely fearless and very cheeky and knows he can get away with anything where I am concerned! Thanks again Laura!" [...more]
Shannon & Pete ~ All the way from Zurich, Switzerland
Bella, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy in Hong Kong!
"Bella was delivered to us @ 10:45 AM Hong Kong time. She is amazing! It has been love at first sight for all of us. She has been adjusting amazingly well, and we're all settling into sleep now. Bella's a very happy girl. She has adapted to our family and her new home in Hong Kong so well. Blessings, and thank you soooooo much." [...more]
Lori, Patrick & Audrey ~ Hong Kong
Vina & Zin, About Time Italian Greyhound Pups!
"We started to research IG’s and came across the “About Time” website. We fell in love with the puppies immediately, filled out the online application and called you. Over the next few weeks I spoke with you over the phone and arranged a time to meet some of the puppies. We got to meet many of the Dams and Sires and see how happy all the dogs were. Naturally, my husband and I could not pick just one puppy. We ended up picking two. Thank you Laura for all your help and advice. I hope we can set up some puppy play dates, so you can watch them grow with us. We absolutely love our little Zin and Vina. They are really a joy to have." [...more]
Tara & Randy A. -NM
Sparky, About Time IG Pup!
"You never know when you shop on the Internet what you are going to find. Even though your website sounded as though About Time should be a wonderful place to find a well-bred puppy, we were still a little nervous about buying a dog from 600 miles away. We were, however, very pleased to meet you and “Demitri,” and, of course, little Faith. Your down-to-earth but knowledgeable approach to the breeding and care of your dogs is obvious in our little Sparky. We sure are glad we found him!" [...more]
Sue & Bill -AZ
Tobi, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"The moment I encountered your website I knew I found the right place. But what really sold me was how thorough all of your research and educational guidance is regarding raising of puppies and caring for IGs. Anyone that takes the time to ensure they educate their clients the way you do is definitely ardent about the welfare of her puppies and not just in it for the income." [...more]
Kelly M. -TX
Art, About Time IG Pup!
"I made the right decision with 'Art'. In the past it has been a hit or miss situation. This time I win. Art is an absolute wonder ... He is everything I could ever expect from any IG! He fit right in instantly. He is extremely intelligent, well mannered, well behaved, listens like I've been training him for a year, and loves everything on two or four legs. Thank you so much, I am happy I found your website & I will recommend you to anyone really serious about obtaining an IG." [...more]
Rich P. -NH
Mobley & Kasia, About Time Italian Greyhound Siblings!

"I love our baby, Mobley. He is the perfect dog, and everything we had hoped for. What we love most about him is his fearless and happy nature. He isn’t timid like so many Italian greyhounds, and many people are always amazed that such a little dog can be so outgoing, loving, and fearless. That is a true testament to the way he was raised while in your home." [...more]
"Kasia is so beautiful, and we have gotten so many compliments from anyone who sees her...she has the same outgoing and fearless nature that her brother does. Once again you have given us an incredible and wonderful dog and we couldn’t be happier. Not only are they beautiful and healthy, but they are so outgoing, well socialized, and very happy. Thank you again for all you have done and for being such a great support to us. You are amazing!" [...more]
Katie D. (and Alex) -Poland

Derby, About Time IG Puppy!
"Our experience with Laura and her breeding program has been nothing but a positive experience. Being a veterinarian, I was very selective about whom to choose a puppy from. About Time Italian Greyhounds exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Laura for being there every step of the way... Our animals are our family and we feel fortunate that we found a breeder that cares as much as we do!" [...more]
Sheila & Michael -OR
Tomasso, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Tomasso is settling in very nicely with everyone. He has spent alot of time in the gallery, and has met many people. People absolutely love him! I really love him and am very happy to have him." [...more]
Tony D. -Prince Edward Island, Canada
Willis, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Your website says you are planning litters for this month. We are interested in reserving a female puppy to join our family. We purchased one of our IGs, Willis, from you in September 2008. We never thought we'd be wanting a third IG, but we do!" [...more]
Becky, David, Kate, Scout, and Willis, New Mexico
Olivia, About Time Italian Greyhound Pup!
"... I am relieved to now be able to work with a dog breeder who is truly concerned about the welfare of her pups, is professional in all regards, and has a reputation for producing balanced, good-tempered, and refined dogs. Olivia is all of that. Thanks again for all your help and the great job you did socializing her as a young pup! I think it really made a difference." [...more]
Danielle R. -MI
Tank, About Time IG Puppy!
"Since Tank has arrived he has brought so much fun and love into our lives. Tank's disposition is great. Our veterinarian said he is very healthy and that the breeder did an exceptional job. Laura, you did do an awesome job! Tank has all the qualities anyone could want in an IG. We love him dearly, he completes our family. Thank you, Laura!" [...more]
Debra & Trey -CA
SlimShady, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Thank you so much for everything that you have done and continue to do during the whole 'buying a puppy' process! Being new to the breed and a first time "mom" you were and continue to be super helpful and available whenever I need to ask the simplest of questions. We were very skeptical of buying online (particularly my husband!) but he has said numerous times in these first few days what a great job I did on researching the breed and the breeder! He is very well paper trained at 11 weeks (thank you Laura!) ... what a dream! Our new puppy is more wonderful than we imagined!" [...more]
Melissa S. -NV
Misty, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Misty is just precious. I could go on and on, but it’s all more of the same. She is exactly what we were looking for! I must agree with you on how “socialized” your pups are. Misty LOVES everybody, and doesn’t know a stranger!" [...more]
Ben C. (and Kathy & Mitch too) -TX
Louis, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Louis is doing so well! He has so much energy, but he is not frantic or hyper. I am amazed at how smart he is! He is truly the best, and most beautiful dog." [...more]
Shannon G. -CA
Smokey, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Smokey has been with us for two weeks now and it seems like we have had him forever. He has been one of the easiest pups to train. He is a bright little boy. And a real snuggle bug. And madly in love with me! Thank you again for a wonderful puppy." [...more]
Kathie & Joe
Alphie & Patsy, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppies!

"I had studied your website for a long time before deciding on you. Your page was full of healthy, happy looking pups and dogs. I now know that we made the right choice. Alphie is as healthy as can be and absolutely full of spunk and character ..... not to mention gorgeous! Thank you so much for doing what you do!" [...more]

"Thank you once again for raising such beautiful & healthy babies! ... I couldn't get over how beautiful Patsy was ... it was love at first sight! My vet says she has an extremely strong heart beat! I'm guessing that's why she's so strong in spirit for being such a little girl!" [...more]
Kristina & Robert -CA

Benny, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Hi Laura, Right now I'm pinned to the sofa by a small, red-and-white, furry lap-fungus. He's turned out to be 'Benny'. He's so cute, it's almost unreal! To say we're pleased with Benny would be a serious understatement. I can only say I am truly glad I didn't talk myself out of getting him. Although I hate to think I might cave in and look at next Spring's pups! Thanks for such a wonderful addition to our family!" [...more]
Nancy & Michael -MT
Hugo, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"I could not be happier with Hugo! He has been such a joy to have around the house. He even quickly learned how "pick the lock" to our other dog's cage and let him out! Everywhere we go everyone just adores him. He is a beautiful pet inside and out. Thank you for my new companion! I look forward to many happy years with him here!" [...more]
Jen -FL
Pia & Lola, About Time Italian Greyhound Pups!
"Pia is my constant companion and bed warmer and gives me endless love and kisses. I had absolutely no idea how much I would cherish this little angel. I want to thank you for raising such a beautiful dog." [...more]

"Lola is very sure of herself and is confident... she loves to chase Pia and Patsy and Alphie, and as tiny as she is, she can stick up for herself even in this rowdy group of IG's. Thanks again for sending us our little bundle of joy! I cannot begin to express how tickled we are to have her!"
Camille -CA
Nero, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Laura, Nero is such a blessing to our family. He's beyond intelligent .... Everyone who sees the little guy is impressed and several have asked if he was up for sale ... I wouldn't give him up for the world! I'm so glad I found About Time Italian Greyhounds!" [...more]
Rachelle J. -VA
Caelyn, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Caelyn is truly the best dog/friend a person could have. She is a very smart dog and well bred...we are always questioned about her beautiful appearance on our outings. She loves people and likes to make friends. She really is super smart, We love her!" [...more]
Lea & David L. -TX
Mia, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Mia is just a little package of “go”. We just love her. You did a great job with her. She is a very happy and fun loving puppy. At her checkups, the vet says she is in great shape and very healthy." [...more]
Jan A. -AZ
Tango, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Just a note about Tango. He is doing well, got big (well 10lbs), and we are enjoying him greatly. He's spoiled. He is a big baby who wants to be carried around all the time. He loves to go in the car and for his walks, and he rides in the basket of my cruiser bike. We love him so much!" [...more]
Vikki S. & Family. -CA
Serena, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Our girl has been settling in wonderfully! She is the most loving and funny puppy. Thank you again for such an adorable dog, everywhere we go she is commented on." [...more]
Jim, Tricia & Caitlyn M. -NJ
Diesel, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Diesel is doing great, he is my best friend in the world! I could not be happier with him and everyone loves him to death. Thanks for everything! I hope to buy another IG from you in a couple of years, I LOVE your new sires and dams!!" [...more]
Sydney W. -OH

"I just wanted to give you an update on how Cooper is doing! First off, he is everything and more than I expected from him! So thank you! My Vet fell in love with him as well." [...more]

"Minnie is doing really well. Cooper didn’t gain a sister, he gained a little shadow. If Cooper goes to look outside the window, Minnie is right there looking out too ... But the overall best is in the morning. To see how they have snuggled up together, Minnie is usually always in some funny position right next to Cooper." [...more]
Douglas H. -CA

Phoebe, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Phoebe is doing great and she is cute as can be. You are right though about her bravery... she is a total terror! I think she is adapting wonderfully - she has barely cried since we got her home and she thinks she already owns the place. I can not believe how independent she is. Thanks Again..." [...more]
Todd P. -AZ
Bruno, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Bruno is a wonderful addition to our family. He is a healthy, happy and loving pet which is a true testament to the care and love that he received at About Time! Thank you again for all of your support..." [...more]
Paul & Cindy S. -NV
Luigi, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"I must say how grateful we are that you have such passion and care in what you do. Even at 8 weeks old Luigi was such a sweet, well adjusted puppy ... a perfect gentleman. Thank you for all your hard work & we will be in touch when we add another IG to the family." [...more]
Heather & Kevin. -AZ
Delyla & Sily, About Time Italian Greyhound Pups!
"I have got to say that Laura and Richard are without a doubt the kindest people! They go Above and BEYOND what is expected in every way. Breeding IGs with excellent quality and temperament, AKC standards, top notch bloodlines, and they are the sweetest people around!" [...more]
Renee H. -CA
Amber, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Amber is precious. She has settled in and adjusted real well thanks... it's like she has been here forever. Everyone that meets her comments on how friendly and beautiful she is! Thanks again, so much, for this precious little bundle." [...more]
JoAnn M. -NJ
Dante, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"I would like to thank you, Laura, from the bottom of my heart, for sending Dante into my life. Laura was extremely pleasant and easy to deal with, very laid back, and personable. She is an incredible person who loves all of her dogs and is always more than happy to talk to me and to guide me with any questions I might have." [...more]
Natalie B. -NY
Max, About Time Italian Greyhound Puppy!
"Laura, Thanks so much for all that you do to make these fine puppies available.  It is evident that your puppies are raised with care and love in a home environment. Our little guy not only accepts love and affection, but gives it right back, is eager to play and eager to love!" [...more]
Sue K. -TX
Dimitri & Dolce, About Time Italian Greyhound Pups!
"We could not be happier to have Dimitri & Dolce in our lives and things are continuously getting better and better... they have been a joy and a light in our household. They are both doing very well and we love them to no end." [...more]
Lucas & Christine M. -NM

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